Coherence in Health


The Parc regulations and house rules of Burgers Zoo exceed Organisation rules.

Smoking or alcohol abuse during overstay of the seminar organisation in the meeting centre of Burgers Zoo is not permitted. Smokers may smoke outside on places meant forthis purpose.

Neither Burgers Zoo, nor sponsors or seminar organization will accept any liability regarding wounds, losses or whatever damage on participants caused by delegates or accompagnying guests

The seminar organization will claim its right to exclude a participant any time , when he/she is misbehaving and/or is in disrespect with other people and/or ignores local law and rules and/or ignores directions made by Burgers Zoo Personnel or made by personnel of the seminar organization.

The seminar organization will claim its right , with or without notifying participants or explanation, to change or postpone the program or change the timetable at any time, due to the protection of privacy of their speakers.

Cancelling and return of registration money will be possible, untill the 31th of december 2011 by written request, minus €50,-

Registratons are only valid when made online and will give the right on a certificate of participation. Registration after the 31st of January 2012 does not, neither last minute registration at the registration desk.