Coherence in Health

Visions on this coming seminar

Chronic diseases and its implications

Chronic diseases are a major concern to society. Not only economically, but also socially. Patients and their environments are affected. They often feel not taken seriously in their complaints and experience misunderstanding. Not seldom they become isolated in their search for a cure whereby these aspects also leads towards chronification. 

Diagnostics and treatment

In part,  this is due to, a yet poor understanding about the pathophysiology in chronic diseases. The direct consequence is an improper and incomplete diagnosis. Hence farmaceutical interventions/treatments often aren’t  sufficient or effective within this category of patients. At best it suppresses functional discomfort, but in most cases doesn’t  start up selfhealing mechanisms we normally see in acute diseases. Patients with chronic diseases seem to suffer the lack of such a mechanism.

Latest insights

Studies show a homeostatic setpoint shift  in metabolic biosystems , but causes may be plural. Factors like toxic or poor environment, negative emotions, dysbalance of intestinal flora and fauna besides failing biofeedback systems are involved, developing and consolidation of chronic disease mechanisms.This shift of homeostasis setpoint seems to prevent a selforganising healing mechanism, seen by healthy patients with normal homeostasis.Hence Allostasis shows less variability

A Coherent Shift of Vision

In the quest for answers  regarding chronic diseases , this seminar will set its spotlights on the newest developments in front line science: Communication in biosystems, Geometry as an organizer, and Entropy as a metabolic . It will cause a coherent shift of vision on chronic diseases. Many questions should be answered, like:

  1. Which communication systems, biochemical, electromagnetic or quantumphysical  are involved in and how will they influence homeostasis?
  2. Is there a selfhealing mechanism ?
  3. Why are feedback systems, like pain, important in chronic disease?
  4. What kind of interventions are successful in chronic diseases and why?
  5. Does inflammation block the natural selforganising healing physiology?
  6. What is the (Minimal Energy configuration) MEC? How does it affect different biosystems?
  7. Do Geometry factors form a space/time organizer in maintaining cells entropy?
  8. What makes the function of the cell?
  9. Are chronic diseases fractals of smaller biosystems?
  10. Are emotions and distress to block the self healing mechanism?


These and more questions will be answered by scientists of different disciplines. They are connected by a red wire: through pain, consciousness and physics. It will be an exploration at the frontiers of new possibilities.  Major steps with new models and latest hypothesis will be discussed. This seminar will inspire you and is "a must do", when you work with chronic patients.