Coherence in Health


The Organisation, Coherence in Health, arose from a collaboration between two founders: Hans Bakker and José Hoogeveen from "The foundation of new time healing". In 2010 they decided to collaborate in another way, each in their own direction. The name "Coherence in Health" rose from this coorporation and lies in the following goals:

  • Coherence at a macrolevel: In all processes involved; within the treatment of chronic ill patients, between the several disciplines, regular medicin as well as alternativ or integral medicin.
  • Coherence at a microlevel:Between biosystems like atoms, molecules, proteins and their folding, cells and organs as well as the holistic body, preventing entropic energy loss and to improve self healing mechanisms.
  • Coherence between men and his/her environment, between feeling and thinking, between heart and brain
  • Encouraging  a higher level of variability.


The chronic ill patient often ends in isolation. This isolation is in part due to poor diagnostic possibilities and poor pathophysiological understanding. Disease, in general, might be best written as "non-communication". The communication meant here, encompass all aspects of communications between the different biosystems, like: biochemical, electrophysical and quantumphysical. Biosystems will function in good order when they communicate in the same language; in space time this is called "being coherent". An example of such a biosystem is the immunesystem.

These seminars are meant for healthproviders, like doctors ands therapists; who, are treating chronic ill patients, to make available scientific knowledge, new hypothesis and handing over, in order to help this category of patients. To make this possible we will invite interesting scientists and authors in a variaty of fields to share their knowledge on our stage. Our participants are:

  • able to improve and Enlarge their knowledge and expand their vision about all kind of chronic diseases.
  • able to make scientific built-up translations to explain clearly for fellow healthcare providers and their patients
  • inspired to Improve diagnostics and treatment
  • Because of this our seminars reveal a striving and renewing character, offering oppurtunities to improve the health of the chronic ill patient.

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